Girls’ Generation’s Yoona to graduate from Dongguk University

Yoona of Girls’ Generation is to graduate from Dongguk University with the Achievement Award on February 24th.

Dongguk University is to hold their spring graduation ceremony at noon on February 24th. According to Dongguk University, around 2,485 students, including undergraduate and graduate students, are to attend the commencement.

Yoona, who will be graduating with a major in Theater and Arts, is to receive the Achievement Award on behalf of the graduating students. According to the university, Yoona received honorable awards in the past, including, 문화체육Culture, Sports, and Tourism Minister’s Commendation in 2010 and Prime Minister’s Commendation in 2011. The idol star has not only been receiving the aforementioned awards, but also actively participated in school activities, including the honorary ambassador position and more.

Meanwhile, Yoona entered Dongguk University in 2009 and graduated after six years.

Source: Star News