Yoona’s Chinese Fans Are Building A School In Her Name For Her Birthday

This may be their biggest gift yet.

In celebration of Yoona‘s 28th birthday, her Chinese fans are building a school in her name and hopes that it will be ready to unveil within this year.


Yoona’s fansite Yoonaya is leading this project and the school will be named The Lim Yoona Primary School of Hope, located in the southwestern province of Yunnan.


Currently, the main building has been completed and is awaiting approval from local inspection authorities.


In addition to building a school in her name, Yoona’s Chinese fans have donated sporting goods to schools whose students are less fortunate.

Yoona’s fans all around the world are known for their charitable contributions to society under Yoona’s name. Previous projects they have done for her birthday include cooking meals for the homeless, donating to help saving endangered animals, and donating money to various charities.


Happy Birthday once again, Yoona!


Source: Yoonaya Weibo

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