[★TRENDING] Netizens berate SNSD Yuri as she confesses her fear of cameras

Girls’ Generation member Yuri revealed she suffers from neurosis due to the constant camera clicking she experiences after she became a celebrity.

On the premiere episode of Olive TV‘s MAPS on June 28th, Choi Kang Hee asked Yuri, “Do you like the sound of pictures being taken?” to which Yuri replied, “No.”

Choi Kang Hee additionally asks, “Isn’t it especially bothersome as a celebrity?” and Yuri says, “I sometimes feel as if I’ve developed a phobia to it.”

Going on a three night and four day car trip to Jeju Island, Choi Kang Hee and Yuri teams up with Simon D and Heechul making up the other group. Trips such as these are what makes up the new reality show MAPS, which airs every Sunday.

[+2,158 / -232] Than quit being a celebrity. You get hundreds of thousands of dollars, gifts and a luxurious life in return don’t you? Every job has its pains. If you want to stop, stop complaining and quit.

[+2,015 / -147] Hey…seriously stop. You came out sang and danced and bought your parents a house and car with the money you earned off kids. Now you’re talking about traumas, isn’t that funny? If it weren’t for that camera clicking what would you have done to make money with your life. Now that you’re getting older and you’re running out of things to do you’re slowly trying to turn to acting. If not for that camera you would be nothing. It’s not like you’re a licensed professional anything. Why do you have to piss me off with such bullshit from Monday morning

[+1,862 / -101] But if no one takes pictures or loves you you’re going to become depressed no?

Source: Newsen and Newsen via Nate