Girls’ Generation’s Yuri rumored to be dating baseball player Oh Seung Hwan

A new couple in the Korean entertainment scene has been revealed to be Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri and baseball player Oh Seung Hwan.

News portal Sunday News revealed on April 20th that the rumored couple has been meeting one another since November 2014 when they were spotted together. At the time Oh Seung Hwan was in the country for two months (November 3 – December 27, 2014), and it was reported that they had met together often.

Like a normal couple, the two were spotted at restaurants in Incheon, amusement parks in Seoul, and movie theaters and restaurants in Gangnam.

Additionally, Sunday News reports that Yuri had stayed in Japan for an extra five days following the recording completion of Girls’ Generation’s latest track “Catch Me If You Can” for a personal schedule in Osaka. The remaining seven members headed off to Korea on March 6th despite having come together on the 4th in Japan as eight.

Following Yuri’s leave from the country on the 11th, Oh Seung Hwan made his first appearance as a professional baseball player at an exhibition game on the 12th in Osaka. Furthermore, it has been reported by the Korean media portal that most of professional baseball players on his team and officials are well-aware of their relationship.

An entertainment official who witnessed the couple together in December was quoted saying, “There were other people there other than Yuri and Oh Seung Hwan, but you could easily tell they were a couple. It was nice to see Oh Seung Hwan with considerate manners with her.”

A sports insider commented, “They really like each other, but I hope that the excessive attention will not ruin their relationship. As professionals in the sports and entertainment industry, they need quiet support so they can continue to do their best in their own fields while still loving each other more than the excessive attention [on their relationship].”

It is further noted that a seven-year age difference separates the two with Yuri born in 1989 and Oh Seung Hwan born in 1982. Currently, the professional baseball player is playing for Japan’s Hanshin Tigers, while Yuri splits her time between Korea and Japan due to her idol and singing career as part of Girls’ Generation.

Having met through acquaintances, the two are reported to be considerate of each others time and have supported one another’s careers as they split their time between the two countries.

Despite what should be happy news, netizens have voiced out their suspicions that this dating news is yet another move to cover a more serious scandal in Korea, especially as unlike most dating breaking news, there are no pictures to support their relationship.

Source: TV Report and Sunday News