The Girls’ Generation Dance Move That Inspired aespa’s Karina To Become A K-Pop Idol

Hint: Girls’ Generation kicked their way into her heart!

If you’ve ever been inspired by Girls’ Generation, you’re in good company! aespa‘s Karina recently revealed that a Girls’ Generation performance video inspired her to follow her dreams of becoming a K-Pop idol.

aespa’s Karina | @aespa_official/Instagram

In a YouTube video called “Artist on the Rise: aespa,” Karina shared that she watched Girls’ Generation on TV, and their performance really impressed her.

| aespa/YouTube

At the time, both of Karina’s parents were working, and she said her grandmother practically raised her. Karina credits her grandma for her maturity. She said, “I think that I matured really quickly.” 

Like many of us, Karina loved watching TV as a child. One day, while she was watching TV, she saw Girls’ Generation perform.

They were performing their debut song, “Into the New World,” and Karina was impressed by the kicking move included in the song’s choreography.

Karina described the kick as “like a kick to my heart.” She said, “I saw that move and was like, ‘This is it.'” She decided that she wanted to be a person who brought happiness to other people, just like Girls’ Generation had brought happiness to her through their “Into the New World” performance.

Of course, Karina went on to achieve her dreams of becoming an idol like the Girls’ Generation members, and she’s even had the chance to dance alongside some of the members!

Check out the full “Artist on The Rise: aespa” video below!