GLAM disbands after Dahee sentenced with jailtime

GLAM disbands three years after their debut in 2012. Member Dahee was in the midst of legal controversy with Lee Byung Hun and Lee Ji Yeon before she was recently sentenced to serve one year in jail.

It was stated by a music industry staff that “even though GLAM’s agency shows up as Big Hit Entertainment and Source Music, their contract with both of the companies expired since the end of last year. The members decided to follow their own paths themselves.” 

The agencies both agreed with this statement, adding, “It is, in fact, true that the contracts with Big Hit and Source Music ended. Updates will take place soon on portal sites as well.”

GLAM was a five-member female group, originally including Lee Miso, Park Jiyeon, ZINNI, Dahee, and Trinity. They debuted with a single album Party in July 2012. After five months, Trinity quit the group and the rest continued to perform with only four members. Their most popular song “I Like That” was sampled from the song “Why Do You” which was originally a song from the year 1993 by Chul I and Mi Ae.

GLAM was not very successful in the music industry as they were never in stardom. However, in September 2014, Dahee was accused of threatening the actor Lee Byung Hun with blackmail. This caused the group to be known by the public for a short period of time.

Dahee and model Lee Ji Yeon threatened and requested large sums of money from Lee Byung Hun and were sued and prosecuted on September 30th. Later, the Seoul Provincial Courthouse sentenced Dahee with a year-long sentence in jail along with Lee Ji Yeon, who received a sentence of one year and two months jail time.

Source: TV Daily