Global H Media Confirms That There Are No Major Concerns For Soyeon’s Health

An update was released regarding LABOUM Soyeon’s health after being hospitalized for an excessive nosebleed. 

On April 26th, Soyeon was rushed to the hospital after performing with LABOUM on MBC’s Show Champion. She received emergency treatment after failing to stop her nosebleed for an extended period of time.

An update from her agency, Global H Media, was released after the singer underwent tests in the hospital.

“The test results came back. There were no major concerns for her health.”

 — Global H Media

Soyeon was advised by staff members not to perform despite suffering from nosebleeds due to fatigue. However, she insisted on joining the rest of the members on stage. Although she was able to finish the performance, she had to be rushed to the hospital right after.

Source: OSEN