“The Glory” Actor Kim Gun Woo Names A Famous K-Drama Actress As His Ideal Type

I guess he likes the cute type!

On SBS‘s reality show My Little Old Boy, actor Kim Gun Woo from Netflix‘s The Glory shared a side of him completely different from his role as Son Myeong Oh.

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Whereas he appears scary and tough in The Glory, the actor was sweet and gentle outside of the show. He had played villains in K-Dramas until now but he stated that he wanted to star in a romantic comedy. He was then tasked to deliver iconic romantic lines from famous K-Dramas like The Heirs and Secret Garden to the mothers on the show, and they swooned.

The mothers complimented him, saying, “He’s so cute in real life,” and that he is “so handsome.”

Kim Gun Woo then talked about how his family is happy about his newfound fame and that his parents name-drop celebrities at restaurants.

When we’re eating at a restaurant, my dad does that a lot. When the worker is grilling meat for us, he would say stuff like, ‘So Bo Gum’s a nice guy, right?’


He also brought up his sister, who watches many variety shows. She teased him, saying, “How are you going on, My Little Old Boy?” like any brother-sister relationship. Kim Gun Woo shared that he texts a lot with his sister and has a lot of aegyo.


In response, host Seo Jang Hoon asked, “Have you dated older women?” and “How much older are you okay with dating?”

Caught off guard, Kim Gun Woo answered that a ten-year difference is okay.

I don’t think I can date someone as old as my mother, but I think ten years older is okay.

When asked about his ideal type, Kim Gun Woo said he likes gentle people who are not easily angered. He also mentioned an actress that is his ideal type.

I like someone who is gentle and doesn’t get angry easily. Actress Kim Da Mi is my ideal type… I like people who have their own unique sound, and my heart flutters when girls make cute sounds like ‘Ouchie’ or ‘Ing’ when they sit down.


Shin Dong Yup then joked that all the girls would be making cute noises now when they sat down.

We hope to see Kim Gun Woo in a romantic comedy someday, perhaps with Kim Da Mi as a co-star!

Source: SBS NOW and iMBC

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