“The Glory” Actress Cha Joo Young Reveals How She Managed To Gain Her Glamorous Figure

The actress is best known for playing Choi Hye Jeong on The Glory.

Actress Cha Joo Young revealed what she did to maintain her glamorous figure.

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Recently, fashion magazine Allure Korea interviewed rising actress Cha Joo Young, who is best known for playing Choi Hye Jeong in The Glory.

In the interview, the actress spoke candidly about playing her character Hye Jeong, who is one of the bullies that tormented Moon Dong Eun (played by Song Hye Kyo) in High School and now finds herself being targeted in her quest for revenge.

I was more nervous than excited. (My character) does not have a lot of scenes, but I had to show a variety of sides to the character, and this was a new style of acting for me. Even the casting wasn’t easy. I was told that the director had cast Hye Jeong’s character last. I guess the character was that troublesome.

— Cha Joo Young

The actress then revealed that for two months, she had to audition for the character almost weekly. Even after winning the role, Cha Joo Young revealed that she had gone to painstaking lengths to prepare for her role.

Besides being told that the character was ‘Light and shallow as a fleeting feather,’ I wasn’t given much information on the character. To gain a more glamorous figure, I gained 5-6kgs. Before filming, I tried to research similar characters, but I couldn’t find any.

— Cha Joo Young

It’s been said that the writer of the drama, Kim Eun Sook, had stated that the character was a “Glamorous (woman) who had undergone plastic surgery on her breasts.”

Toward the end of the interview, Cha Joo Young revealed that it hadn’t been long since she considered herself an actress, stating until recently, she was unsure whether she would be able to make it in such a competitive industry.

To be honest, it wasn’t until recently that I decided to make acting my profession. Until now, I have always left my profession blank on the immigration cards that are given to you on airplanes. I lived with thoughts like ‘Will I be able to survive in this industry?’ and ‘How long will I be able to persevere with this energy?’

— Cha Joo Young

Cha Joo Young made her debut in 2016 with tvN’s K-Drama Cheese In The Trap and has since played mostly supporting roles in various projects. The actress, however, has become an overnight sensation due to her incredible acting in Netflix’s The Glory.

| Netflix

Audiences are anticipating even more great things from the actress when the drama returns on March 10, 2023, with its second season. Watch the special trailer for the drama’s second season in the link below.


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