“The Glory” Hot AF Actor Shocks Netizens With His IRL Visuals After A Striking Resemble To Kim Woo Bin

“I’d believe it if you told me it was Kim Woo Bin’s younger sibling…”

Since the hit K-Drama, The Glory, started airing at the end of 2022 and with the latest series just being released, the stars of the series have seen their popularity rocket. While those like Song Hye Kyo have always been famous, some of the supporting cast is seeing their influence rise.

“The Glory” poster with Song Hye Kyo | Netflix

One of the characters that recently gained attention for his unreal visuals is none other than one of the bullies, Son Myeong Oh, who is played by Kim Gun Woo.

The character Son Myeong Oh in “The Glory” | Netflix

During the show, although meeting his end very early, Myeong Oh caught the attention of viewers for his “Bad Boy” persona, and there was no doubt that he was hot AF, even though his personality wasn’t great.

Of course, in real life, Kim Gun Woo couldn’t be sweeter and combines his hot visuals with a much kinder personality. On Instagram, the idol continues to gain attention for his handsomeness.

Kim Gun Woo on Instagram | @gunoorla/Instagram

| @gunoorla/Instagram

While his pictures from the filming of The Glory were truly beautiful, it was the ones of the actor with short hair that not only seemed worlds away from his character but captured the attention of fans for looking like a legendary Korean actor!

One of the hottest K-Drama stars of all time has to be Kim Woo Bin.

Actor Kim Woo Bin | @____kimwoobin/Instagram

From his role in The Heirs, Uncontrollably Fond, and more recently, Our Blues, the star has wowed netizens with his diverse acting skills and dazzling visuals.

Kim Woo Bin in “The Heirs” | SBS Drama

Kim Woo Bin in “Our Blues”

Well, it seems like some of the pictures on Kim Gun Woo’s Instagram are undoubtedly showcasing similar vibes to Kim Woo Bin, especially when his hair is short.

| @gunoorla/Instagram

| @gunoorla/Instagram

In particular, in some black-and-white images from the star’s Instagram, he almost looks identical to the actor. It wasn’t surprising that Korean netizens were shocked by the resemblance.

| @gunoorla/Instagram

| @gunoorla/Instagram

When the photos were shared on the Korean forum, netizens couldn’t get over the resemblance between the two actors. Some even added that the actor could also resemble Song Kang, which is definitely a compliment and showcases how taken to his visuals Korean netizens are.

  • “He looks like a mix between Song Kang and Kim Woo Bin. He’s handsome.”
  • “He looks like Kim Woo Bin’s cousin. They look alike but have different vibes.”
  • “I thought the black and white picture was of Kim Woo Bin.  But it seems like I’m not the only one that feels that way. I’d believe it if you told me it was Kim Woo Bin’s younger sibling.”

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