Why “The Glory” Actress Cha Joo Young Is Thankful To SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan

“So, I want to say a special thanks to him.”

Though actress Cha Joo Young plays the role of a bully in The Glory, her true personality off-screen is the complete opposite. During her recent Esquire Korea interview, she personally thanked SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan and shared the heartwarming reason why.

Cha Joo Young

Because Cha Joo Young participated in a clip for BSS‘s “Fighting” challenge that quickly went viral, the magazine asked her about the unexpected collaboration. She admitted that “it took a lot of courage” for her to do—especially because she hadn’t done it before.

She revealed that it was all unplanned. Cha Joo Young said, “I went to get the award but ended up doing it.” There was someone who made it easy for her to learn the dance.

Cha Joo Young pointed out how Seungkwan encouraged her, “I was a bit nervous, but Seungkwan helped me a lot.

Because of Seungkwan’s support and guidance, she was able to pull it off smoothly. She expressed her gratitude, “So, I want to say a special thanks to him. Thank you.

From actors and actresses to fellow idols, Seungkwan can make anyone feel comfortable.

Seungkwan | @pledis_boos/Instagram

Check out their viral TikTok and Cha Joo Young’s grateful words.


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