“The Glory” Comes Under Fire From Feminists After Claims The K-Drama Is “Misogynistic”

“It would have been fine if they focused solely on bullying…”

The Glory is undoubtedly one of the biggest shows in the world right now.

“The Glory” poster with Song Hye Kyo | Netflix

The K-Drama starring Song Hye Kyo follows Moon Dong Eun, a girl that was bullied and after leaving, makes it her life’s mission to seek revenge on those who made her time at school unlivable.


While most fans have loved the show, others have criticized the series. In particular, feminists in Korea have shared their anger at the misogynistic representation of women in the show.

While chatting about the show, one shared that the way the female characters were portrayed was far from positive. For example, after being exposed for her drug use, a video of Lee Sa Ra (Kim Hieora) was shared of her seemingly having sex with Son Myeong Oh. For many, it was unnecessary and shows women being filmed without their permission.

Seeing that wasn’t satisfying at all and just reinforced to me that if a woman is filmed illegally her life is over. By then Lee Sa Ra was already ruined and so it wasn’t necessary to spread revenge porno.

— OP

The Lee Sa Ra character was known for taking drugs but was later humiliated when a video of her with Son Myeong Oh was released. | Netflix

Many also pointed out the stereotypical careers that the women on the show had. While the lead character Dong Eun was a teacher, which was a strong career, those like Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon) and Hye Jeong (Cha Joo Young) had jobs that were seemingly associated with women who focused on their looks.

All the women who had issues had jobs as a flight attendant and weather reporter. Jobs that are easy to target women… You know what I am saying right?

— OP

Yeon Jin’s character was a weather forecaster who couldn’t write her own scripts | Netflix

Hye Jeong was an air stewardess | Netflix

One of the key issues with the show has been with the representation of Hye Jeong. In interviews, Cha Joo Young expressed how she the initial white outfit she was going to wear wasn’t as tight or sexy. While she refused to wear it at first, the director made her wear the white dress.

My stylists had prepared a different dress. It was a cute tweed outfit that was a bit shorter and less clingy to the body.

— Cha Joo Young

In an interview, Cha Joo Young shared how she initially didn’t want to wear the sexy white dress.

The women on the forum shared how uncomfortable it made them feel, adding that it was something that men wouldn’t understand and would like.

The way Hye Jeong’s character was written in which she is seen talking about her breasts, and obsessed with her looks and designer clothes was the worst.

— OP

The forum then explained that the show should’ve focused on the bullying aspect but for many of the female characters, especially Hye Jeong, they focused on her “Inferiority Complex” and the way she just wants to sleep with men.

Hye Jeong’s character was portrayed as sexy and wore revealing clothes | Netflix

The sexy white dress that went viral | Netflix

Despite the show’s popularity, some of the scenes and storylines have gained negative receptions from fans. You can read more about the misogyny seen in the show, especially with viewers’ reactions to Song Hye Kyo’s “Love Line” below.

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