A Scene From “The Glory” Part 2 Is Going Viral After An Unexpected K-Pop Cameo

“The Glory” is in its K-Pop era!

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One of the hottest, if not THE hottest, K-Drama recently has to be The Glory. Since it started airing, it has gained attention worldwide.

“The Glory” poster | Netflix

The series starring Song Hye Kyo has shocked netizens with what many say is the reality of school bullying in Korea and its impact on the victims. Through the characters, viewers are taken on a journey as Song Hye Kyo’s character Moon Dong Eun seeks revenge on her bullies.



Although the series is very dark, netizens couldn’t hide their surprise when one of the latest episodes had the most unexpected cameo from a K-Pop song.

In particular, attention is given to Kang Hyeon Nam and her daughter in one scene from the second series. In the first series, Kang Hyeon Nam (played by Yeom Hye Ran) agrees to help Dong Eun after asking for help to kill her abusive husband. Yet, they quickly create a close bond and friendship.

The character Kang Hyeon Nam played by Yeom Hye Ran | Netflix
| Netflix

During an episode in the second series, Kang Hyeon Nam is sitting with her daughter in the car. Despite the hardships in their lives, the journey resembles that of any mother and daughter.

| Netflix 

The two are driving, and unsurprisingly, the daughter wants to know where they are going as Kang Hyeon Nam seems to be in trouble.

| Netflix 
| Netflix 

Despite what might be happening, the daughter quickly changes mood as she tells her mother that they should listen to music, adding, “I’m going to listen to oppa’s song.”

| Netflix 

Then shockingly, netizens couldn’t contain their excitement when the sound of THE BOYZ‘s song “Thrill Ride” started blaring out of the speakers. Kang Hyeon Nam then watched fondly as her daughter started singing along to the song.

| Netflix 
| Netflix 

Of course, “Thrill Ride” was one of the hottest songs of 2021 and gained attention for radiating true “Summer Vibes.”

“Thrill Ride” music video | THE BOYZ/YouTube
| THE BOYZ/YouTube   

When the clip was shared, it instantly went viral, with the original tweet and video quickly gaining views.

Netizens couldn’t get over the unexpected cameo, especially as members of THE BOYZ have shared their love for the series, like many other idols.

With the new series just released, it will definitely become a hot topic, and the fact that THE BOYZ has made a cameo showcases their influence.

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