Popular Actress Shocks Fans With Her “New” Nose After Getting Cosmetic Surgery — Takes Off Bandages For The First Time

The actress recently underwent corrective cosmetic surgery on her nose.

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Actress Go Eun Ah revealed her nose after getting cosmetic surgery.

Go Eun Ah | My Daily

Recently, the actress made an appearance on her brother Mir‘s YouTube channel. In the video, the actress and her family went on a road trip to visit her father.

Mir (left) | 10Asia

Upon meeting her father, Go Eun Ah, who had recently gotten cosmetic surgery on her nose to correct previous surgeries, took over her bandages for the first time.


Go Eun Ah’s father, after seeing the actress, gave his approval stating he felt as if the actress’s appearance before the botched surgeries were coming back,


Your nose is pretty. You’re returning to how you once looked. They did a really good job.

— Go Eun Ah

Go Eun Ah then revealed that because her nose was still puffy from the surgery, it was too early to tell what her nose would look like.

It’s too early to tell if it came out well. I have to see what it looks like once it’s no longer bloated. It takes a long time for the bloating to disappear. So far, I am 30-40% happy with it, but I’m scared since the clinic said the procedure isn’t over yet.

— Go Eun Ah

Meanwhile, Go Eun Ah revealed in May that she was considering getting cosmetic surgery done on her nose to fix a previously botched surgery. The actress, who debuted in 2004, has seen a career resurgence thanks to the popularity of her brother Mir’s YouTube channel, in which she frequently appears. You can check out her video in the link below.


Source: wikitree
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