Go Kyung Pyo Will Be Enlisting In Active Duty

“Reply 1988” star Go Kyung Pyo will be enlisting in the military next month!

Go Kyung Pyo’s agency has announced that the actor will be entering the army on May 21st.


Go Kyung Pyo has shown incredible acting skills in his most recent medical thriller television series, Cross, and is best known for his role in Reply 1988.


The actor revealed his thoughts about his enlistment.

“I will fulfill my militaries diligently and bravely as a citizen of South Korean. It may be a short or long period of time depending on how one looks at it, but I will do my best to become a better person and better actor. Thank you.” ㅡ  Go Kyung Pyo


His agency has also notified that he will be entering the training center quietly without an official farewell in order to avoid chaos.


Go Kyung Pyo will be undergoing basic military training for 5 weeks at the recruit training center before being assigned to a base where he will carry out his military service.

The actor is expected to be discharged on February 20, 2020.


Source: TV Report and Dispatch