Netizens Express Distress Over Go Youn Jung’s Upcoming Romance Drama Featuring A Huge Age Gap With A “Controversial” Actor

There have been many age gap couples in dramas this year.

Over the last few years, actress Go Youn Jung has seen a massive surge in popularity since her acting debut in He Is Psychometic.

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Since then, she has starred in Netflix‘s Sweet HomeAlchemy of Souls, and even earned a nomination for Best New Actress for her work in the film Hunt. She’s gained even more widespread attention with her most recent role in the action-fantasy series Moving.

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On September 20, it was announced that Go Youn Jung was confirmed to appear in a new drama titled Can This Love Be Translated?  It is said to be a romance drama about a translator who misinterprets love.

While many were excited to see her announced for this series, her potential co-star inspired negative reactions from netizens. Before this, it was shared that actor Kim Seon Ho would star in the drama.

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In 2021, a woman shared information about an actor she was dating causing her trauma through physical and mental abuse, including a forced abortion. While she did not reveal the identity of “Actor K,” it was quickly deduced that she was talking about Kim Seon Ho.

Gaslighting And Forced Abortion Accusations Against “Actor K” Are Taking Over The Internet — Here Are The Full Translations

This resulted in Kim Seon Ho apologizing to his ex-girlfriend for hurting her with his “carelessness and inconsiderate behavior.” Though his ex-girlfriend shared that he had apologized to her and has since returned to acting, many still have a negative opinion of the actor.

This controversial history, combined with the age difference — Go Youn Jung is 27, while Kim Seon Ho is 37 — has led netizens to hope Go Youn Jung will reject this role.


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  • They’re having a romance together??????? Isn’t the age difference too much?
  • She’s my favorite female actress though… omg..
  • Why are they doing this?
    Omg.. No, Yoonjungs
  • Omg no
  • I searched their age difference, and they’re 10 years apart, so why is one character in their 40s and the other 20s lol
  • I hate it when the main characters have a huge age difference in the drama…
  • Whenever I see Kim Seon Ho, I can only think about that scandal. If he has face, he should only do [non-romantic] projects; What a nuisance
  • Where’s the audacity in having an old man in his 40s film a romance with an actress in her 20s?

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