Goblin’s Lee El Breaks Down In Tears While Recording for The Show’s Last Episode

Goblin‘s extra behind-the-scenes episode aired on February 3, and Lee El couldn’t help shedding tears while narrating over one of the saddest scenes in the series.

Lee El, who plays Grandmother Samshin in the beloved Goblin series, couldn’t hold back her tears as she recorded a narration for the scene where Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) turns to dust and ashes in front of his love, Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun).

In the Goblin special episode, Lee El introduced the love story between Kim Shin and Eun Tak with the voice of Grandmother Sam Shin. Lee El began the narration by describing the two as “special children I have chosen to bless,” but also explained that she had “no choice but to interfere in their relationship for the sake of my children.

Lee El cries as she narrates over the heart-wrenching scene of Kim Shin’s departure from Eun Tak.

As the scenes played on through her narration, Lee El couldn’t help but cry as soon as Kim Shin’s body started disintegrating in to the air while Eun Tak wailed in agony and mourned.

However, Lee El strived to finish her narration, and after wiping away her tears, successfully ended by informing viewers of the special behind-the-scene cuts that would be unveiled in the second episode of the Goblin specials.

Source: 10asia