Legendary K-Pop Group G.o.d Collaborated With Park Jin Young In Upcoming Anniversary Album

It’s their first collaboration in 14 years!

With their preparations for their special 20-year anniversary album on its way, the legendary K-Pop group g.o.d has collaborated with their original producer, Park Jin Young, for the first time in 14 years.


According to OSEN, Park Jin Young has produced the title track for g.o.d’s upcoming 20-year anniversary album “THEN & NOW”.


This will be the first time in 14 years g.o.d and Park Jin Young collaborate on an album since the group’s 7th album “The 7th Chapter” in 2005.

Park Jin Young was the original producer who had trained and helped g.o.d debut back in 1999. Most of their hit songs including “Love and Memory” and “Sorrow” were produced by Park Jin Young himself.


All members of g.o.d have participated in this upcoming album, which is expected to become a special present for fans who have been with the group for 20 whole years.


The album will include new tracks as well as 10 remake versions of their hit tracks. Among these remakes, “Road” has been arranged by MeloMance’s Jeong Donghwan and will feature IU, Henry, Jo Hyunah and Yang Dail.


Meanwhile, g.o.d will also be holding their “g.o.d GREATEST 20th Anniversary PRESENT” concert at the KSPO DOME on January 13 in addition to their new album “THEN & NOW”, which is set to drop at 6 pm (KST) on January 10 so stay tuned!

Source: Osen