“Goddess Of Hongdae” Singer Is Reportedly Engaged To Actor 10 Years Younger Than Her

Congratulations to the couple!

Singer Lady Jane announced she is getting married!

Lady Jane | @yourladyjane/Instagram

On April 14, Hankook Ilbo announced that Lady Jane was getting married to rookie actor Lim Hyun Tae. According to the report, the couple will be getting married on October 14 in Seoul. The news outlet also reported that the two had been dating for seven years.

Lim Hyun Tae | @limht0319/Instagram

It has been reported that Lady Jane and Lim Tae Hyun were able to overcome the 10-year age gap thanks to the actor’s maturity and “manly” personality. The two are reported to have dated for seven years.

Meanwhile, Lady Jane made her debut with the indie-band Aquibird in 2006. The once-labeled “Goddess of Hongdae,” Lady Jane, helped shine a spotlight on the Hongdae indie scene, which has grown exponentially since then. She is also well-known today as a TV personality through her various appearances.

Lim Hyun Tae, who is 10 years younger than Lady Jane, was born in 1994. He recently appeared in the hit K-Drama, Taxi Driver 2.


Source: wikitree
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