Where Are The “Dad! Where Are We Going?” Lee Brothers? They’re Big & Unrecognizable In Latest Update

Netizens are absolutely shocked at their latest update.

Actor Lee Jong Hyuk‘s two little sons, whom we watched on MBC‘s Dad! Where Are We Going? have grown up—and netizens are shocked at their latest update.

Lee Tak Su (left) and Lee Jun Su (right) | @actorjonghyuk/Twitter

In the first season of Dad! Where Are We Going? back in 2013, Lee Jong Hyuk’s youngest son, Lee Joon Su, was introduced to the world.

A young Joon Su | MBC

Netizens watched him be the 6-year-old he was at the time, being adorable.

A young Joon Su | MBC
A young Joon Su fascinated by the camera filming him | MBC 

Jun Su’s brother who is four years older than him, Lee Tak Su, came out as well on a special “siblings” episode. He was known for his good looks that resembled his father.

A young Lee Tak Su | MBC
Tak Su excited to go on a trip for “Dad! Where Are We Going?” | MBC 

Joon Su, Tak Su, and their father remained on the show for just the first season before departing. Since then, news of the Lee brothers were spotted here and there through social media updates, television appearances, and news reports.

Lee Jong Hyuk (middle) talking about his Tak Su (left) and Joon Su (right) on “My Little Old Boy” | SBS

Recently, the older son, Tak Su’s social media post shocked netizens. He was no longer the 10-year-old boy we watched on television but a grown adult.


It looked like Tak Su followed in his father’s footsteps as an actor, as he performed in his school plays in high school. Then he continued with his theater career at Dongguk University in the Division of Theater.

Taksu with his parents after a play | @txk_1207/Instagram

What shocked netizens, however, was not just the fact that Tak Su has grown into a handsome young man—it was the fact that he is enlisting in the army. His friends posted pictures of him wishing him luck before he leaves for the army.

Tak Su and his friends on his friend’s Instagram wishing him good luck in the military | @miracledongdong/Instagram

One day before Tak Su joins the army! Take good care of yourself~~!!

— Tak Su’s friend (@sjmom_j)

Joon Su also posted the news of his older brother’s enlistment on his Instagram story with a sweet message.

| @10joonsiuuu/Instagram

Tak Su, have a safe trip to the army. While you’re there, I’ll be a good actor. Don’t get sick and come back safely.

— Joon Su

In response to Tak Su enlisting in the military, netizens could not hide their shock at the fact that he is old enough to enlist.

| theqoo
  • “I’d be shocked just to hear he’s going to college, but the army?! My goodness… come back safely!”
  • “I thought, ‘High school?’ then it said army…”
  • “Entering the army? Don’t you mean entering high school?”
  • “Joining the army? Time flies… I’m old…”
  • “I’m shocked at the army part hahahaah”
  • “What in the… the army?”
  • “‘Is this about him growing up well? Aw, he grew up well lol he’s in middle school now right? –> enlisting in the army???????????????????’ That was my reaction just now wth”
  • “Oh my god… How can an elementary school student join the army…”
  • “Enlisting, omg”
  • “How can a baby enlist in the army…”
  • “What????????? The army???????????”
  • “I was thinking he grew up well then screwed and saw the word ‘enlist’ and screamed”
  • “The army???? Wasn’t he born like yesterday??????”
  • “Tak Su was born in 2003, right? Then it’s the right age to enlist, but how did time fly like this lol I still clearly remember watching the siblings special on ‘Dad! Where Are We Going?'”
  • “Time… Ha…”
  • “Enlisting in the army???? He’s an adult????”

However, it’s not just Tak Su who surprised netizens. Joon Su also grew up—and quite literally. Standing 189 cm tall (or 6’3″), Joon Su is now the tallest member of his family.

Joon Su responding to a comment on his YouTube channel | 10JOONSU/YouTube

A: Joonsu, you’re so cute. Are you 187 cm?
Joonsu: I’m 189.

Joon Su is 15 years old, thus a high schooler now, and like his father and older brother, he is pursuing acting at Goyang High School of Arts.

| @10joonsiuuu/Instagram

Joon Su is also a YouTuber now! He runs a channel called 10JOONSU, where he uploads a variety of content, such as vlogs and mukbangs. He currently has over 220,000 subscribers (as of this article).

| @10JOONSU/YouTube

Meanwhile, Tak Su enlisted in the military on June 13 and Joon Su is pursuing his acting career while in high school. It has been ten years since the Lee brothers were on Dad! Where Are We Going? and netizens are expectant to see the two following after their father and pursuing acting careers.

Source: @10joonsiuuu/Instagram, @txk_1207/Instagram and theqoo