Woollim Entertainment Accused Of Plagiarizing GOT7’s Entire Album Concept For Golden Child

“I honestly thought they’re the same albums, just different versions.”

When Golden Child released a new album, it was GOT7 fans who didn’t know how to react. The two groups’ fandoms are now in a heated debate over Golden Child’s latest album concept being an exact copy of GOT7’s album from two years ago.

Golden Child


GOT7’s fans, well known as “Ahgases”, pointed out the uncanny similarities in the two travel-themed album designs via a series of pictures.


Netizens, including Golden Child fans, agree that the albums overlap in concept and this is likely a case of plagiarism.

  • “I’m not a fan of either groups, but I have to say — these albums look identical.”
  • “Wow, this is some serious stuff. The designs are literally the same.”
  • “This isn’t a common concept either. So it’s even more evident.”
  • “I honestly thought they’re the same albums, just different versions.”
  • “LOL. It’s such a blatant copy. Do these people not know about copyrights…?”


Both GOT7 and Golden Child fandoms are trending the hashtag, “#GNCD_앨범디자인표절_울림_해명해 (#GNCD_AlbumDesignCopy_Woollim_PleaseExplain)” and tweeting for an official explanation from Woollim Entertainment, which is Golden Child’s managing agency. Most fans are taking a mature stance and focusing on having the agency respond, rather than criticizing or spreading hate.

Some are asking GOT7’s managing agency JYP Entertainment to take action.


Meanwhile, netizens are inspired by how peacefully the two fandoms are approaching the issue.

  • “Wow, GOT7 fans are on a whole another level. I would have completely lost my sh*t by now. This is amazing.”
  • “I’m amazed at how Golden Child fans and GOT7 fans are working on this together to make sure their boys aren’t harmed. This is the real fan spirit at its finest.”
  • “Ahgases are being really gentle about this. We should all learn something from this.”


Woollim Entertainment is yet to give any statement. GOT7 Ahgases and Golden Child Goldennesses continue to request feedback on Twitter, as they patiently await for the agency’s response to the plagiarism controversy.