Golden Child’s Bomin Discusses His Thoughts Towards His Performance In “18 Again,” His Personality, And More

He’s a hard-working maknae.

Back on February 1, Golden Child‘s maknae (youngest) Bomin participated in a pictorial and interview with @star1 magazine.

Bomin discussed his feelings about the group’s recent mini-album “YES” and also his performance in the K-Drama 18 Again.

I am content because I think the song and performance both turned out with high quality despite the short preparation time.

— Bomin

Previous to 18 Again, Bomin acted in the web drama A-TEEN 2. Fans consider Bomin to be both an accomplished idol and actor; however, the interviewer was curious to know how he personally felt about his acting. They asked the maknae to give a score on his acting ability.

50 points. I’m lacking in many aspects, so I still have a long way to go. I’ll continue to work hard.

— Bomin

In both dramas, Bomin played the role of a high school student and was asked how he actually was as a student before becoming an idol.

I did a lot of this and that. From having a tutor and going to supplementary school to attending an academy on essays writing and receiving lessons on discussing news. It’s to the point that there probably isn’t a private lesson I haven’t taken.”

— Bomin

Sounds like he is serious and mature when it comes to any kind of work! Bomin also revealed that his members consider him to be a mature maknae. Despite being the youngest, Bomin shared why he got the nickname, “Maknae on top.

I think I got that nickname because I’m not really the kind to act childish. I’m the eldest son in my family, so I act more mature than my age.

— Bomin

Though he may be mature, he is still Goldenness’s adorable maknae! Just look at his cute smile!

Bomin’s full pictorial and interview will be featured in the February issue of @star1 magazine

Source: hankookilbo
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