Golden Child To Head To The States For First U.S. Solo Tour

This is exciting news for fans!

K-Pop idol group Golden Child will be heading off the states for their first solo U.S. tour. Their GOLDEN CHILD MEET & LIVE TOUR LIVE IN USA, will officially begin this June and will be able to meet with local fans in-person from June 24-July 11.

| @studio_pav/Twitter

For Golden Child, who debuted in 2017, this will be their first solo U.S. tour ever. They hope to expand and further their career as a global K-Pop idol group following their Japanese debut and first U.S. tour.

This tour will start in San Jose on June 24 and ticket sales will be revealed at a later date. On the other hand, they will be releasing their second Japanese single, RATA-TAT-TAT, on May 11.

Source: osen
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