KBS Under Fire From Netizens After Alleged Mistreatment Of Golden Child

#KBSneedtoapologize started trending!

Korean television network KBS is currently under fire from netizens after allegations of mistreatment for the K-Pop idol group Golden Child, following changes in their live stream schedule that impacted the Woollim artists.

The members of Golden Chidl | @GoldenChild/ Twitter

At the start of October, KBS announced that they would be broadcasting compilations of various K-Pop performances on their YouTube channel. From BTS, IU, and several other artists, fans were excited to see that Golden Child was scheduled to appear on October 22.

Yet, fans voiced their anger when the announcement was suddenly changed on the day. Rather than the Golden Child compilation, the channel would be streaming Stray Kids, a group that was not initially included in the schedule.

After fans noticed this, they immediately started tweeting #KBSneedtoapologize, and it trended on social media.

However, after this issue, many brought up other times they believe KBS may have mistreated the group on their recent comebacks. Netizens believed that the group had not had any interviews with the Music Bank MCs, and their sets have been simpler.

In particular, many shared a clip shown on the music show with all of the show’s previous hosts. Many Goldness noticed that maknae Bomin and actress Shin Ye Eu, the hosts between 2019 and 2020, were not included. 

KBS has yet to respond to these comments.