Golden Child’s Jibeom Reportedly Got Caught On A Date By A Fan

Woollim has yet to respond to the rumor.

Golden Child‘s lead vocalist Jibeom was reportedly caught on a date with his girlfriend by a fan, who happened to spot the two on the street.

The fan posted on their social media how they were in the Hyehwa area of Northern Seoul, when they spotted Jibeom.

Today, I was out at Hyehwa when I saw Jibeom by pure chance!!!!!! He had no hat or mask on, so I recognized him immediately, it’s so freakin’ amazing.

— Fan

Along with the tweet, the fan posted pictures of Jibeom on the street, with a girl who is assumed to be his girlfriend.

The fan also replied to another Jibeom fan, and revealed that they saw them kiss, too.

I don’t know about that~ But the two kissed as they were walking.

— Fan

Finally, the fan attached a picture of Jibeom holding the same backpack as the one in the pictures taken.

Currently, Woollim Entertainment has not responded to the dating rumors.