Gong Hyo Jin and Kang Hye Jung receive gifts from fans in support of “Educating Rita”

After actresses Gong Hyo Jin and Kang Hye Jung have been chosen to take on the lead role for the play Educating Rita, fans personally sent gifts to the staff members of the production to show their support.

On November 30th, the official management Facebook fan page had posted saying, “Today, fans sent lunchbox presents to the rehearsal facility. Today is the day Gong Rita and Kang Rita will practice together! We will enjoy the lunchboxes with the staff members. Nom nom. Oh and delicious snacks were included.” This comment came attached with photos of the food, specially labeled to support Educating Rita.

There was a photo of Gong Hyo Jin and Kang Hye Jung’s back facing the camera included, and the caption said, “We’re sorry to say that we could only include the backs of Gong Rita and Kang Rita, because they were focusing on their scripts. How long is it until the first performance? Today, we can only see more practice after practice.

The caption for the last photo said, “Instead of showing you Gong Rita’s face, we will show you the side view of someone important. Who are you? This is Gong Hyo Jin’s pet Mimi. During one of the late night rehearsals, Mimi sat on the director’s lap and carefully watched over Gong Rita.

Educating Rita started its run on December 3rd at the Daemyung Culture Factory located in Jongno, Seoul.

educating rita

Source: TVReport