Gong Hyo Jin Compares IU and Sohee’s Personalities

Gong Hyo Jin revealed the two different personalities of IU and Sohee during an interview with KBS‘s Produca, after having worked with them in the past and present.

On February 23, Gong Hyo Jin starred on KBS’s Produca to talk about her newest movie, A Single Rider, starring Sohee and Lee Byung Hun. She also talked about the two different idols she worked with, and how the two were very different in terms of work ethic as well as getting to know them as a person.

She first described IU as incredibly polite and that she appeared to be more mature than Gong Hyo Jin herself, and that the way IU behaved made it look like she was older than she actually was.

“Before filming, I could describe her as incredibly well-mannered. I often thought she was more of an adult than I am. IU was a real grown-up baby. I think she has a lot more self-control and patience than I do. For example when we’re waiting for filming to start, I would get impatient and wonder what was taking so long, but IU sat really still like as if she was listening to music. I started wondering if it was because she was trained ever since she was in her teens.”

– Gong Hyo Jin

When it came to Sohee, Gong Hyo Jin explained that she looked quite uncomfortable around her, and realized that it was because of her fear of appearing impolite.

“Sohee was a little different from IU. She was incredibly polite. IU was also really polite but Sohee looked like she was very uncomfortable; she looked like she was stepping on eggshells around us, even when we were just eating. I automatically thought she was a deeply thoughtful person.

I’m sure Sohee wouldn’t have wanted to us to know she was nervous. But just seeing her made me think, ‘Am I making her uncomfortable?’ But later on I could see that she was getting comfortable. On the other hand, I couldn’t really read IU. She has a poker face. She’s very gentle, but Sohee acted just her age and often joked around.”

– Gong Hyo Jin

A Single Rider is a film about a man who lost everything in his life and travels to Australia to search for his family. It was released February 22.

Watch the trailer below.

Source: Star News