Actress Gong Hyo Jin Reveals What She Thinks About Her Influence As A Fashionista

She gave her honest, candid thoughts about herself!

Actress Gong Hyo Jin shared what she thinks about her rep as a fashionista, and also gave honest answers about herself!

Gong Hyo Jin recently held a photoshoot and interview for the June issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine, and looked as gorgeous as ever in simple but stylish looks! During the accompanying interview, she also revealed honest answers about herself, from her fashion to her current hobbies!

Gong Hyo Jin was asked about her influence as a fashionista, she revealed that she makes sure to stick to what she likes, but is also open-minded about finding different styles to suit her!

My likes and dislikes are very clear but I am also easily persuaded. I’m not stiff like a bamboo stick so I change my mind a lot but when I really like something I stay interested in it for a long time. I like to recommend good things and am good at explaining why it is good.

I think people are able to see that I really like something because I usually like something for a long period of time.

—Gong Hyo Jin

When asked about how she was spending her time during the pandemic, she revealed that she was busy trying out different hobbies, like puzzle-solving and taking different classes online!

I received a huge puzzle as a present at first I wondered, “Who would do this?”, but after starting it, time really flew by. I like to learn new things so I tried out weaving through a class app. They send you all the materials and you learn with a teacher through video.

I think if you are feeling lonely, this is a good way to keep yourself busy.

—Gong Hyo Jin

Source: Star Today and Gong Hyo Jin