Gong Minzy Updates Fans On How The 2NE1 Members Feel About A Reunion

It’s definitely happening!

Minzy from 2NE1 recently held an interview for her feature on NYLON Magazine’s July issue. She opened up honestly about the possible 2NE1 reunion that everyone’s dying for, as well as her new found career path as she sets off on her own.

It’s been 11 years since Minzy’s debut with the group, and it’s already been 4 years since she left the group. But she and the members are still close as sisters as they frequently chat with each other and meet up whenever they have the time!

So the big question has to be asked once again, will 2NE1 reunite anytime soon? Minzy reveals that they’re all looking forward to it and it will happen! But they just don’t know exactly when.

The members all jokingly say, “Yeah, we have to reunite before we become grandmas.”

When we’re given the chance, we want to reunite in our own way.

— Minzy

Minzy had joined Music Works after leaving YG Entertainment, and recently freed herself from the label after a legal battle. Now that she’s on her own, she feels free and able to “find [her] own way forward“!

After going through a lot of different situations, I feel like I grew more as a human being. I feel like I can do everything on my own now.

I don’t need to be anyone’s anything anymore, and I believe I can find my own way forward.

— Minzy

To best summarize how Minzy’s been feeling, she said, “I’ve now become someone stronger.

Minzy is doing her own thing for now, same as CL, Park Bom is active as a soloist under a new agency, and Dara still remains with YG Entertainment. Will a 2NE1 reunion be in the stars soon? Only time will tell!