Gong Yoo Confesses He’s Been Mentally Suffering Ever Since “Goblin” Ended

Gong Yoo played a great, though lonely, god in Goblin, but when he returned to his regular life, he had to face some very human trials of his own.

He recently spoke with Elle Korea for an upcoming edition regarding what a difficult year it has been for him, filming not just Goblin, but numerous other movies as well.

In the interview, he confessed that he suffered tremendously after he finished shooting Goblin. 

Gong Yoo talked about how he felt as though he was getting all kinds of sick all at once.

“There were times when, after being all wound up with work and fatigue, I’d just collapse. Just all kinds of sicknesses and mental stress came flooding in when I finished.”

— Gong Yoo 

At the 2017 BaekSang Arts Awards earlier this year, Gong Yoo hinted at how difficult it had been for him this year.

“I was afraid to stand here. I’m still looking for that answer. I fell in love with a woman I’m not supposed to (A Man and a Woman), became a zombie for someone (Train to Busan), and fought for my country (The Age of Shadows).

I’ve lived many lives in the past 2 years.”

— Gong Yoo

During the speech, he also mentioned how he’s trying to find his way in the industry.

“I’m a bit confused these days… About who I am, where I’m at, and where I’m going to. I’m going to take this heavy and grand prize to mean that I should stop wandering around.”

— Gong Yoo

Netizens responded to Gong Yoo’s candidness regarding his personal life with sympathy and love and praised him for his hard work.

Here’s hoping that he has another successful (but less stressful) year in 2018!


Source: Wikitree