Gong Yoo Claims Jung Yu Mi And He Don’t Get Along

They’ve been reported to be getting married but apparently…

Gong Yoo and Jung Yu Mi gathered for an interview where the host wanted to test out their deep friendship that they’ve accumulated after working in 3 different movies together.


Through each of the tests, the two actors continually chose different answers showing their apparently different personalities.


Gong Yoo was also deeply hurt when Jung Yu Mi claimed that their latest movie might be their last project together. Gong Yoo claimed he was excited to see how different they could be in another project.


After bickering with each other all throughout the interview, Gong Yoo comically claimed that they “don’t get along” in a private sense.

We don’t get along privately. We get along very well as co-workers.

I think because we don’t get along privately, we were able to sustain this long friendship.

— Gong Yoo


But Gong Yoo did also mention that although Jung Yu Mi may be calm and collected during interviews, she’s playful on set and loves to joke around!

Which is probably the source of their adorable bickering!


Considering that the pair are so close that they were even rumored to be getting married, this hilarious friendship is bound to last an eternity!

Source: My Daily