Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook fought for Sungjae’s attention while filming Goblin

The second behind the scenes episode for Goblin aired on February 4, and one clip showed how Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook fought to win over Sungjae‘s heart.

At the beginning of the clip, the trio can be seen filming a scene that requires Sungjae to freeze until Gong Yoo unfreezes him. Here Gong Yoo’s playfulness emerges as he ad-libs during the scene and Sungjae impresses him by playing along. When Sungjae reacted perfectly to his ad-lib, Gong Yoo was delighted and jokes around saying “As expected, [you have a] different feeling than Super Junior“.

Lee Dong Wook then sees the need to get into the conversation and jokingly says that Sungjae is part of B1A4, to which Lee Eun Bok PD says “Isn’t he in BEAST?” showing off how much fun the cast and crew had in teasing their youngest member.

In another moment, Lee Dong Wook  tries to win Sungjae’s affection by showing him that he knows all of the BtoB members’ names.

“I even know all of the members. There’s Changsub… uh… Minhyuk… I know them! And also Eunkwang…”

– Lee Dong Wook

As Lee Dong Wook is thinking about the rest of the members’ names, Gong Yoo spots an opportunity to win over Sungjae by saying “Out of all the idols, I only know Sungjae. Only Yook Sungjae.” Lee Dong Wook quickly calls him out, reminding Gong Yoo “But didn’t you film with Suzy for the drama Big?” This makes Gong Yoo change his stance.

“For female idols it’s Suzy, male idols it’s Sungjae. I only know those two.”

– Gong Yoo

Lee Dong Wook mentions in the segment that the 3 male leads matched really well together, and this is evident in the scene where they each try to show off their masculinity and copy Gong Yoo’s ad-lib flawlessly. Once again Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook can’t help but praise Sungjae for following along so well.

Watch the whole video here: