Gong Yoo And Lee Dong Wook Reveals Ideal Types And When They’re Most Attracted To Women

Take note, everyone!

During the latest episode of Because I Want To Talk, Lee Dong Wook and Gong Yoo revealed their ideal types in a partner and when they feel most attracted to women.


First, Lee Dong Wook revealed that his ideal type is someone who is motherly. He wants someone he can “lean on and someone I can talk to while facing a difficult time.


Comedian Jang Do Yeon then immediately turned into the mother stereotype as she began scolding him for not obeying the curfew!


When Jang Do Yeon asked Gong Yoo, he was scared to ask but curious as he said, “Someone fatherly.” And Jang Do Yeon immediately turned into the father stereotype as she scolded him for “stealing my cigarettes“!


After having a good laugh, Jang Do Yeon asked what characteristic of women are attractive to them. Gong Yoo first explained that he’s attracted to “forward women“.

I think forward women have their charms too. The times have changed, and men don’t have to be the ones to propose.

— Gong Yoo


Jang Do Yeon jumped on the opportunity as she immediately asked, “If you have time, do you want to get married? You just need your seal.


Gong Yoo promptly responded, “I don’t have plans to marry yet.


Lee Dong Wook then revealed he is attracted to women who “tell me comforting words well.


Although Jang Do Yeon may have changed Lee Dong Wook and Gong Yoo’s ideal types after their meeting, it’s good to take notes all you Goblin fans!