Goo Hara confirms her solo debut this summer at KARA’s showcase

Girl group KARA held their comeback showcase on May 26th for their 7th mini-album In Love where member Goo Hara confirmed she is preparing her solo debut.

Following KARA’s activities with “CUPID,” Goo Hara will be the first of the girl group to make her solo debut this summer. She tells the media at the showcase that she will showcase a vibrant stage, similar to that of KARA’s hit track “Mister” and “Step.”

Additionally, she reveals that she wants to show a different side of herself to the public aside from KARA. “Though the album is not ready yet, I will work hard on it. Please give it a lot of love and look forward to it.”

When asked the reason why she is the first member of KARA to go solo, Goo Hara revealed she had strongly appealed to her agency due to wanting to show a different image of herself through this solo album.

“Park Gyuri and Han Seungyeon unnie have already released music individually (through OST tracks). But I have something I want to show through my own stage,” she added, sharing that she has worked hard to tone her body even more in preparation.

Source: TV Report