Goo Hara Responds To Questions About Her Connection With Seungri’s Scandal

She answered truthfully.

Goo Hara recently uploaded a photo of herself taking a photo. She captioned it, “Click“.


However, one netizen left a comment below, asking her if she has any connections to Seungri’s recent scandal involving drugs, sexual assault, hidden camera sex footages, and more.

“Since Hara was a friend of the Great Seungtsby since academy schools. Are you connected? Do you attend somewhere else?” — @jyj1542


Goo Hara immediately shut down the rumors by responding, “I have no connections whatsoever“.


Goo Hara and Seungri has been well-known friends since pre-debut when they used to train together at a academy from the same hometown. Although they are known to be friends, Goo Hara has not been referenced to his recent scandal.


Fans criticized the malicious netizen for even asking her about any relation. They stood firmly by Goo Hara’s side, defending her innocence.

Source: My Daily