Goo Hara Had To Deal With A Massive Wardrobe Malfunction On Japanese TV And It Has Fans Worried AF

Her dress slipped off.

Goo Hara, who is reported to be fully recovered from her past suicide attempt, has now returned to promoting in Japan. Unfortunately, during her most recent performance – on Japan’s TV Tokyo Music Festival 2019, she had to deal with a huge wardrobe malfunction that ended up exposing her upper body.


Goo Hara was wearing a tube dress that apparently was not well adjusted to her body. While singing and dancing passionately, the dress rapidly slipped off of her.


Though covered up with strapless silicon bras, Goo Hara’s breasts were uncovered and shown on Japanese TV for a while.


Goo Hara did not notice that her dress had fallen off for a while – as she continued to focus on performing…


… but as soon as she did realize that her upper body has been exposed, she quickly pulled up the dress and moved on. Unfortunately, her bra went live on broadcast for a while.


Fans are praising Goo Hara for handling the wardrobe malfunction like a pro. While they don’t understand why Goo Hara continues to find herself in unfortunate situations like this one, they are showing an unending amount of love and support for her return.

This breaks my heart. I hope she doesn’t mind it too much though.

— Netizen

Hara Hwaiting! Don’t let this get to you!

— Netizen

It’s fine. It’s just a bra. Hara, don’t worry about it.

— Netizen


In addition, Goo Hara’s fans are also largely concerned with how this might affect her. They are upset with Goo Hara’s stylists and the Japanese cameramen for putting her through such an incident.

Source: THEQOO