Goo Hara’s Brother Thanks Fans For Continued Support

Her brother is grateful for that the fans still hold on to the memories.

Ex-KARA‘s Goo Hara‘s brother posted on Instagram his appreciation for the continued support from fans even two years after her untimely passing.

| prism_i/Instagram

He wrote “I’ve received the tribute book to Hara made by her fans at the commemoration park.”

| KBS News

I really appreciate the post-it notes in English and Japanese and will cherish this forever. It’s such a shame that things had to be this way, in spite of all the her fans out there.

— Goo Hara’s brother

| prism_i/Instagram

In the photo tributes, her fans noted “we will remember your 12th summer,” in reference to her tragic passing. They paid respects to her with hand drawn pictures, photo cards and personal messages.

Hara took her own life on November 24, 2019 at her house in Gangnam. Her brother is currently fighting to pass the “Goo Hara bill” which legally penalizes the rights of neglectful parents to inheritance of their deceased children.

Rest in peace, Hara.