Goo Hara’s unbelievable ant waist measurements revealed

It is a known fact that Goo Hara of KARA is the queen of ant waist among girl group members. On a recent television appearance, the idol star revealed her waist measurements.

On April 1st broadcast of SBS Midnight TV Entertainment, Goo Hara measured her waist for herself. Although she was wearing two layers of clothes, her waist measured to be approximately 61cm, or 24 inches. It is suspected that if she were not wearing double layers worth 8cm, then Goo Hara’s waist would be around 53cm, or 20 inches.

During a short interview, Goo Hara also mentioned, “Cute and lively is good too, but I am starting to like sexy too as I get older every year.”

Meanwhile, Goo Hara’s consistent work out seems to be working.

Source: Osen