Goo Hye Sun To Release Her First Album As A Musician In 5 Years

Her agency made a statement.

Actress Goo Hye Sun is preparing to release her 3rd piano new-age album, “Breath 3”. It will be the third installment of her piano new-age albums, and her first work as a musician in 5 years.

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Her new agency revealed that the album’s jacket cover was finished, and the actual album will be released sometime in September.

They hope it will be a healing gift to those in need.

The album jacket shoot for Goo Hye Sun’s upcoming 3rd piano new-age album with music director Choi In Young has finished. We hope that this album will be a small gift to those who need a lot of healing.

— MiMi Entertainment

Goo Hye Sun also noted that the upcoming album is similar to the previous 2, but also different as well. She explained, “This album is similar to the previous albums yet different. It’s become a bit more refreshing and light.

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The music director has been working with Goo Hye Sun for over 10 years. She praised the actress as “the most loyal partner I’ve ever worked with.

The photographer who worked on the jacket shoot also claimed, “Goo Hye Sun’s signature deep and strong gaze behind her girly innocence image was impressionable.” Considering how Goo Hye Sun can both encompass the innocent look with a mature gaze, many are looking forward to the album’s music as well as the physical album itself.

Ever since her public divorce from actor Ahn Jae Hyun, Goo Hye Sun had been focusing on herself for a while. She had recently signed a contract with her new agency, MiMi Entertainment, and is now launching into new promotions starting with her latest work in music.

Stay tuned for more updates.

| @kookoo900/Instagram
Source: Spotv News