Goo Hye Sun Is Making A Comeback By Smashing Her Phone And Breaking All Ties

“What’s the finest tip for breaking ties with people?”

YouTube channel, Kakao TV, uploaded a shocking teaser video of actress Goo Hye Sun for her upcoming appearance in Kakao TV’s reality TV show FACE ID.

| @kookoo900/Instagram

From the start of the teaser, Goo Hye Sun grabbed the viewers attention by grabbing a hammer. The scene was quite intense and creepy as she hummed a song while grabbing the hammer.

She sat with the hammer and her phone for a while before saying “I’ll only hit it once.

While hitting her phone multiple times, Goo Hye Sun shared, “What’s the finest tip for breaking ties with people? Just get rid of your phone.”

Many fans of Goo Hye Sun are not surprised by her four-dimensional personality and are rooting her on!

A production crew member of FACE ID stated that fans can anticipate entertaining content from Goo Hye Sun’s unique lifestyle:

Goo the sun has been challenging various fields as an actor sometimes as a film director, production company representative, and composer and as she has a rich personality you will be able to feel the fun of peak at her unique lifestyle.

Goo Hye Sun’s FACE ID will air December 28th on Kakao TV.

Check out the teaser below:

Source: Insight