Goo Hye Sun Answers Questions About Her Relationship Status…And Reveals That Going To A Nude Beach Is On Her Bucketlist

She answered 70+ questions for fans.

Actress Goo Hye Sun recently took to her Instagram to reveal answers to over 70 frequently asked questions. Along with the caption “TMI“, the star shared about herself, from small things like her phone background, all the way to one that hints at her current relationship status.

| @koo900900/Instagram

According to her Q&A, her current height and weight is 163cm and 45kg, while her handphone background is a picture of black matter.


She also revealed that her ideal type was a short guy that is smart. Perhaps a little more shockingly, she also shared that a nude beach was on her bucket list. Goo Hye Sun likes raw crabs but isn’t picky about food.

As for the question everyone wanted the answer to, Goo Hye Sun answered the question of “was the latest Christmas spent as a solo or a couple” with…

…”that’s a secret.

Way to tease fans! However, Goo Hye Sun previously shared that she was indeed meeting someone with good feelings on a previous broadcast. Will we be hearing wedding bells again soon?