“Good Morning America” Mistakes Girls’ Generation For BLACKPINK On Live Broadcast

They made a huge mistake on live TV.

ABC‘s Good Morning American ran a segment about the K-Pop phenomenon in America over the past year, highlighting artists like PSY and BTS. However during the segment, a video of Girls’ Generation‘s “Genie” appeared, with the voice over saying BLACKPINK.

Fans did some research, and discovered ABC used the exact same clips of PSY’s “Gangnam Style” and Girls’ Generation’s “Genie” during their 2012 segment on the K-Pop invasion.

Many of the included video clips showcase Girls’ Generation too. In the airport scene, multiple Soshified hearts can be seen. Tiffany and Yoona can be seen entering a building. Pre-debut videos of both Hyoyeon and Yuri were included when the narrator was talking about the special training idol hopefuls go through.

Both BLINKs and SONE want an official apology for the mistake made by ABC on the live broadcast

ABC has already edited their YouTube version of the segment to include clips from BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love” music video (begins at 1:30).