“Good Start 2015″ ft. AOA’s Jimin and 2AM’s Seulong for “Unpretty Rapstar” tops charts

Unpretty Rapstar’s Track 2, “Good Start 2015,” featuring AOA’s Jimin and 2AM’s Seulong has reached the #1 spot on seven music charts!

On February 27th, Track 2 of the show’s compilation album was released featuring 2AM’s Seulong and AOA’s Jimin. Within just nine hours of its release, the track reached the top spot on major charts including Mnet, Genie, Olleh Music, Soribada, Monkey3, and Naver Music.

The latest episode of the hip-hop survival show, aired on February 26th, decided the fate of Jimin partaking in Track 2 produced by Verbal Jint. Jimin achieved her victory over Tymee as her performance displayed her unique charms as well as professional stage manners.

Eight female rappers compete against one another for a chance to feature on one of the show’s compilation album. Thus far, Yuk Ji Dam has won a feature on Track 1, “Up All Night,” while Jessi and Cheetah won a feature on Track 3, “My Type,” featuring M.I.B‘s Kangnam.

Unpretty Rapstar airs every Thursday via Mnet and Naver Cast TV, and has recently extended its season with an additional two episodes.

Source: News1