Google Celebrates BTS ARMY’s Birthday In The Sweetest Way

Happy 9th birthday, ARMY!

Last month, BTS celebrated their 9th anniversary since debut!

From left: BTS’s J-Hope, Jin, Jungkook, Jimin, V, RM, and Suga. | BIGHIT MUSIC

Now, it’s ARMY’s birthday. July 9 marks the official anniversary of BTS’s fandom.

| Google

Google has now officially joined the celebration!

The search engine website frequently updates for holidays. Usually, it does so through “Google Doodles,” creative and often interactive changes that are made to the logo to celebrate holidays, anniversaries, and celebrities. 

Now, while Google didn’t do a special “Doodle” for BTS ARMY day… They did do an incredibly sweet Easter egg!

So, searching “BTS” on the website leads you to the typical page of responses regarding the K-Pop group. Yet, you will see in the upper-righthand corner a small purple balloon. If you click that…

…a bunch of purple balloons will fill your screen! Heart-shaped balloons filled with the BTS members’ respective microphones will be amidst regular balloons. If you click on any, they will pop. But the special balloons release audio messages from BTS themselves, telling ARMYs, “I purple you.”  So, you’ll want to have your volume on!

“I purple you,” the English translated to the V-coined phrase “Borahae,” has become a trademark in the BTS fandom. It perfectly encompasses BTS and ARMY’s relationship.

In addition to personal voice messages, each member drew their own doodle for ARMY’s birthday. How sweet!

Still, the Google celebrations don’t end there. Also, in the results for “BTS” on Google, you’ll see the opinion to go on a guided tour…

BTS did an official collaboration with Google Arts & Culture Lab’s Street Galleries. Each member guides you as you check out cities and artworks that have special significance to them.

What beautiful gifts for ARMY’s special day!

Check out the special features on Google now while it is available for ARMY Day.

Source: Google