GOT The Beat Were Invited To Perform At Coachella — But Didn’t Go For One Unexpected Reason, According To Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon

Fans are upset with the reason they had to decline.

Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon reveals that the SM Entertainment supergroup, GOT The Beat, was actually invited to perform at one of the biggest music events in the world…but had to decline.

Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon | @hyoyeon_x_x/Instagram

GOT The Beat is a group consisting of some of SM Entertainment’s greatest female artists. The members include Hyoyeon, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, BoA, Red Velvet‘s Seulgi and Wendy, and aespa‘s Karina and Winter.

GOT The Beat | @hyoyeon_x_x/Instagram

Hyoyeon recently guested on the Cultwo Show, an SBS radio show, where she spilled many interesting tidbits, including about her next solo album.

Given that GOT The Beat’s mini album, Stamp On It, was recently released, Hyoyeon was naturally asked quite a bit about it, and she got hilariously real. As she introduced the group, she almost forgot about the aespa members (looking to Super Junior‘s Yesung for help)…

…and amused fans by seemingly reading out the introduction from a script on her phone.

But one of the most interesting things to come out was her confession that GOT The Beat had actually been invited to perform at none other than Coachella.

| @SNSD_0805/Twitter 

I am the only one that knows this but we got an invitation from Coachella…

— Hyoyeon

The invitation came at the time when the group first made its debut with “Step Back,” and, unfortunately, they were forced to decline it. According to Hyoyeon, this was because “at the time, we had only one song, so we couldn’t go.”

| @SNSD_0805/Twitter 

Netizens were understandably shocked to hear the news…

…and many have expressed frustration with SM Entertainment over the fact that GOT The Beat were forced to decline an invitation to such a huge event.

After all, the fact that the group had only one song at the time did not seem to be a problem on Coachella’s side, as some fans pointed out.

Now that the group has released Stamp On It, however, a performance at Coachella can no longer be ruled out! Perhaps fans will get to see them perform there yet.

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