GOT7 Aren’t Afraid Of The 7-Year Curse And Here’s Why

GOT7 is forever.

Ahead of their comeback, GOT7 participated in an interview where they discussed the future of the group. One particular questioned concerned the “7 Year Curse” which is based on the fact that most idol contracts last seven years and many groups disband after their contracts expire.

Since GOT7 debuted in 2014, this means their contracts are up some time in 2021 so negotiations will likely commence next year. JB’s response will have Ahgase overjoyed.

It’s true that we don’t have a lot of time left on our contracts. But all seven of us share the same opinion. We’re going to keep going as seven members.

– JB

Jinyoung stressed that GOT7 has no intention of breaking up in the near future.

People call it the 7-year curse but times have changed. There are a lot of seniors who have surpassed the 7 year mark. Because we are close with seniors who have promoted a long time together, we never once thought we were going to go our separate ways after 7 years.

– Jinyoung

JB then concluded with a nice statement about the group.

I think all of us recognise that it would be difficult to promote completely alone without other members. That’s why we’re going to protect the existence of GOT7.

– JB

GOT7 just came back with a new mini album and its title track ECLIPSE.

Source: Naver