GOT7’s BamBam Encourages An Ahgase To Get A Matching Tattoo With Him

BamBam and Ahgase are friendship goals!

GOT7‘s BamBam‘s tattoo collection keeps growing, and we love it. And with his great relationship with Ahgase, it’s only natural that they would get matching tattoos one day, right?

GOT7’s BamBam in “riBBon” concept. | ABYSS Company

He has been saying for a while that he would like to get a new addition to his tattoo collection. He said that he specifically would get a small “ribbon” in the colors of his solo album riBBon in honor of his solo debut.

A man of his word, he did just that! In July, he showed the tattoo off during his virtual fanmeetings with Ahgase.

The tattoo artist behind the design (@tattooist_arar on Instagram) even shared pictures of the tattoo on their social media, showing it in more detail. They added that BamBam was kind and handsome.

The real reason we know this tattoo belongs to BamBam? In the next photo, we see one of his iconic expensive watches. He never goes anywhere without one!

BamBam’s arm | @tattooist_arar/Instagram

While we might not be able to get matching watches with BamBam (unless we’re Jinyoung), we can at least afford a small matching tattoo, right? BamBam himself encouraged an Ahgase, Estefania Rosario (@bambamstrashh on TikTok), during a fansign video call to get one of the riBBon tattoos, just like him.

BamBam: You know how I got this right?

Estefania Rosario: Yeah!

BamBam:How about you get the same?

Estefania Rosario: So we can match?

BamBam: Yeah!

BamBam and Estefania Rosario talking.

He even included a note on her autographed album to remind her. It read, “Get this tattoo” with a heart and an arrow pointing to the “BB” at the center of riBBon.

Of course, she did as she was told! She grabbed one of her albums and headed to a tattoo shop.

Sure enough, she got her tattoo to match BamBam! It not only matched his, but it looked perfect with the rest of her tattoos.

BamBam and Ahgases are truly friendship goals!

Watch Estefania’s full video below:


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♬ riBBon #2 – BamBam

Source: @bambamstrashh