GOT7’s BamBam Becomes The Spoiler King By Revealing His Album’s Meaning And Fandom Name

BamBam revealed two major things during his live broadcast!

GOT7‘s BamBam held a live broadcast recently to give some spoilers for his solo album.

During the broadcast, he revealed the meaning behind some of his latest concept photos. He said that it represents Pandora’s box. The various BamBams on the outside each represent the bad things, and the BamBam in the center is the good or “hope.” He wants to communicate to fans that there is always hope present.

I’m trying to say that … this day where our world, our planet, is a lot of things going on like good things happen, bad things happen, but … we can’t really enjoy our life like two years ago … so I’m trying to tell you guys that everything we do or every moment we’re living, we have a hope.

— BamBam


A viewer also asked BamBam if his fans have a name. As an example, Jackson Wang‘s fans are called “Jacky.” He responded by saying that his fans will always be known as Ahgase (fans of GOT7).

My fandom name is Ahgase. I’m never gonna change it.

— BamBam


Check out clips from BamBam’s live broadcast below:

Source: BAMBAM and Image (1) and (2)


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