GOT7’s BamBam Celebrates Birthday With His Mom For First Time In Years

He and his mom have the same birthday!

GOT7′s BamBam recently returned to Thailand, and, of course, he met with not only Ahgases

…but his biggest fans, his family!

GOT7’s BamBam (left) and his mom (right).

Family is very important to BamBam, although he has to spend so much time apart.

So, even though he can’t always physically be there for big events, such as birthdays, he attends via Facetime.

Last year, BamBam missed his family on his birthday and wished he could have gone back home to celebrate with his mom.

Now, BamBam is finally celebrating his birthday with his mother again.

BamBam and his mother Kochakorn Sermsuksakulchai share the same birthday, May 2. Although it’s technically early, they chose to celebrate together before BamBam left the country again.

| @kochakorn_1965_159/Instagram

Currently, it’s also Songkran, the Thai New Year’s national holiday. It takes place on April 13 every year, but the holiday period extends from April 14 to 15.

| @kochakorn_1965_159/Instagram

So, BamBam’s mom shared photos of their celebration on Instagram, and it’s so wholesome!

| @kochakorn_1965_159/Instagram
| @kochakorn_1965_159/Instagram

Even BamBam’s dance team was included in the party!

| @kochakorn_1965_159/Instagram

Previously, BamBam and his mom celebrated their birthday together in 2015.

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Source: @kochakorn_1965_159

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