GOT7’s BamBam Can’t Hide His New Platinum Blonde Hair Even If He Tries

He’s been keeping secrets… 👀

GOT7‘s BamBam recently held another live broadcast in which he played The Sims 4.

Viewers noticed that BamBam was doing everything he could to cover up his hair as he wore not only a baseball cap but also a hoodie. Despite his efforts, a little bit of hair peaked out, and it was definitely not his natural dark hair.

| BamBam Play The Sims/Facebook & @aegbeom/Twitter

Many are speculating and saying that it looks like BamBam’s platinum blonde hair might be making a comeback. The last time he was blonde was last year.

Could this be the secret that BamBam said he was hiding from us? He’s been acting pretty sus lately…


If it is indeed platinum blonde hair, the combination with his painted nails will become such an iconic look!

Source: Image and BamBam Plays The Sims